Marathi is a mother tongue to 83.1 million people in India and the 10th most spoken language in the world. Environmental related information is scarcely available in this language.

With a platform that provides information in a language used by so many people, Harita Marathi aims to have a bigger impact on our environment and help you find the right audience on a national and international scale.

✔️ Creators can promote their eco-friendly products
✔️ Environmental companies can promote their services and products
✔️ Photographers can promote their nature and environment-related photos and videos
✔️ Not-for-profit organizations can promote their campaigns
✔️ Consultants, Freelancers, Consulting Organizations can promote their services
✔️ Associations can promote their activities or events

Our platform works on a monthly promotional model. Your product or service get promoted through Harita Marathi's monthly newsletter and social media channels. Get a customized promotion that makes sense to you at the time -  whether you are seeking sales, investors, or mentors.

Take advantage of our various offerings related to the environment sector.

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Marketing Services
We provide graphic design, social media graphics, presentations, posters and other marketing materials in Marathi. Contact us for a customized promotion for your products, services or campaigns.
Translation Services
Don't know Marathi but want to market your products and services?
Contact us to get your content translated to Marathi.

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Annual Benefits Package:
  • A custom standalone page to promote your organization, product, initiatives, campaigns, or services in Marathi (e.g. haritamarathi.com/yourorganizationname)
  • Redirect your Marathi customers to this LIVE link whenever you want.
  • The page will stay LIVE for the entire year and can be updated 3 times per year.
  • Every update includes complimentary social media promotion on our channels.
  • Translation services are included with the 3 updates.
  • Link your website to the products or services on this page for traffic.
  • The standalone page will include an About section (100 words), one article (up to 500 words) and up to 5 different products/services with pictures and description (up to 50 words each).
  • Your logo is listed here https://www.haritamarathi.com/members as one of our members to gain more exposure and linked to your very own standalone page.
  • Annual fee of ₹5000 that can be renewed annually but no obligation.

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Harita Marathi Mentorship Program 2021 has begun!

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